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Relocated to San Mateo

Posted on April 14, 2014 at 1:53 AM
I had relocated to San Mateo from Boston, Massachusetts and was feeling disconnected from my body, having trouble sleeping, and frequent headaches. I was also having issues with my intestinal tract. I was in tough shape and exhausted.

I was looking for alternative health practitioners on an insurance website and I found Jame 'E. I did't know what to expect because I hadn't been to acupuncture before. Jame'E was welcoming and kind when I entered the office for my first appointment. He did a very thorough intake and provided a lot education about the work he does which made me feel quite comfortable. I felt like I can talk about whatever I need to in his office. I have so appreciated sense of humor and openness.

After a few sessions my symptoms have left and I feel incredibly better. I thought I would be plagued with poor sleep for the rest of my life - now I sleep deeply and well. The headaches have gone and my GI issues have eased. I am tremendously grateful that I 'found' Jame'E and I continue seeing him for maintenance.

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